Zip It.

keep your mouth shut

It all starts with something.

When you are on the right track, you have the courage and the decency to just zip it. You know you are right. So why flaunt it? The only people who just keep on barking are those who have nothing to do and are wandering aimlessly. They do not know just what direction to take so they would lash out at just anybody who would cross their path.

Being in tune with yourself and knowing that you are right is going to give you the confidence to continue walking with your head held high. You need not name names. You need not flaunt to the world that you know people. A dog which barks a lot is all bark. Words can hurt but when you are shielded by the fact that you are not harming anybody, then they will not be able to penetrate. You will come out unscathed.

It is important to listen. It is important to listen to reason. It is important to have an open mind and let emotions get in the way. Only those who have nothing to do will keep on barking and that would only make other people deem them foolish. A strong personality will only get you somewhere but they will never bring you to the top. The person with a clean heart will be the one to make it.

So thank you. For everything. My eyes are open. And you showed me the true side that I never saw before.

Image from Discovery Education

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