You Are My Addiction


An addiction is an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction (e.g. alcoholism, nicotine addiction), problem gambling, ergomania, compulsive overeating, shopping addiction, computer addiction, pornography addiction, television addiction, etc.
- Wikipedia

And I think that you are my addiction. If Bella was Edward’s own brand of heroine, then I think you’re mine.

Oh don’t look at this in a good way. An addiction has never been good. That is why I’m trying to find a rehab that would cure me of this. It has worked before. It will work now.

Image from recovery101 – addiction basics

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2 thoughts on “You Are My Addiction

  1. Just wasting some free time on Stumbleupon and I found your post . Not typically what I prefer to read about, but it was absolutely worth my time. Thanks.

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