Things Gone Wrong

when things go wrong

Have you ever had that kind of day when everything just does not go right for you? Well, of course, not entirely everything. But let’s just say a day when lots of things go wrong? I am sure you have had yours. Now, let me tell you what happened.

It all started on Valentine’s Day. Yes. The day of love. The day when everybody is out with the person (or people) who are important in their lives. The start of the day was uneventful. I was even psyched to be spending time with some of my close friends. We were going to just cook something, share what we have cooked, and hang out. Do crazy stuff, maybe.

One of the things that just did not go right was the fact that I did not have someone special. Well, I do have some special people in my life right now but not somebody who was that really special, you know. But of course that is something that I have not had for a long time. So that is not something to be surprised about. Oh well. To get along with my story.

When my friend, Julian, arrived at our home in the afternoon, we then went to the mall. I thought we could buy some good things to cook there. But lo and behold! The contestants of the reality show Fear Factor (here in the Philippines) were at the Gaisano Mall. And yes, they had some kind of appearance so almost everybody who wanted to see them were there. And count in the people who had received their salaries early and so they were spending their money there. And add to that those people who chose to take the day off from their usual routine and decided to spend it at the mall. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, right? I just hate it when the mall’s really full of people. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 1.

And so we trooped off to another grocery to do our shopping. It was uneventful there.

But anyway, when Julian and I were cooking carbonara at his home, I was doing the cooking part. And then I accidentally touched the metal part of the handle. I got a nasty burn. My thumb was smarting for a couple of hours. Well, it isn’t smarting that much right now, but it was a couple of hours ago. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 2. The carbonara did come out great though.

Olops arrived and we played Monopoly. However, we were also waiting for our other friends to join us, namely Talie, Kuya Vinnie and Ate Pinky. Although we texted our other friends, these three were actually those who usually were with us during our Saturday night sessions (whatever kind of session we have) and they just were not available that night. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 3. But they had their own valid reasons so it was not much of a case. But still, just for the sake of this blog post, it is still Number 3.

After Monopoly, we then went on to play tongits. And we played that card game with bets. The bets were higher this time because the rules were far more complicated than what I was used to. As usual, I lost the most amount while the two enjoyed what used to be in my wallet. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 4. But that is not something unusual for I was not born to gamble. I had never really won much when there was gambling involved. And the amount that I lost was not really huge. I guess it never even really reached 50php. And we played for hours.

At 5 o’clock, the guys decided to let me pay for the tapsilog that I owed them. To those who do not know what tapsilog it, it actually stands for tapa (beef jerky), sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (egg). It is usually prepared for breakfast. Anyway, we went to this small canteen and we were not able to buy anything there except for the half a pack of cigarettes, three eggs, and three sachets of instant coffee. The girl who was tending the store told us that when we arrived, the last batch of fried rice was served and they no longer had tapa. So there. Something That Went Wrong Number 5.

We were supposed to go to Biggs’, a famous diner here that’s open 24 hours, instead. But it was already drizzling and it was a long way off. Plus, we were riding a motorcycle. That was the reason why we settled for the eggs. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 6.

When we arrived back at Julian’s, he cooked the eggs and we played several rounds of tongits again. I lost around 5php this time but we played for only a short while. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 7.

We then went to get some shuteye. The two guys were able to go to sleep. I was feeling bad because I wanted to do the number two. Oh well. I did. I was successful in doing so. But what went wrong was that when it was time to say bye-bye to what I sent out, the toilet was already clogged. It has been the last few hours we were there. And so I spent almost two hours trying to flush it down but to no avail. I had to ask help from a friend who knew his way with such things. That was Something That Went Wrong Number 8.

And so while the guys had already gotten their sleep, I was waiting for the loo to cooperate. But it just does not want to. And me losing much on sleep is Something That Went Wrong Number 9.

Sheesh! These things do not happen to me often but when they do, they really do flood. So I am hoping that I won’t be making a list of the things that went wrong for me for quite some time. Or else I just may get used to that everything will be just a joke. Well, I guess it usually is. Especially if you’re the one who’s in the middle of all the crap (pun intended).

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