Something New

I get distracted easily. And I also become tired of things faster than most people would.

This is the reason why I want something new. I am not sure what kind of new thing I would like to have. I just want it to be something that will be a total break from the monotony of life. Of course, I would want it to be something good. I guess I just had a break from the monotony but since it was not good (and it served as a reminder of this thing that I keep forgetting for the nth time) that’s something I am not welcoming.

Something new. Something different. I want it. It’s really hard for me to put everything down in words. I will not even attempt to because that will be just a futile attempt. And so if you could share with me something new (whatever it is) that I can do or what-have-you, please do so. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated as well.

This is not a Valentine’s post of any sort, by the way. It’s kind of on the emo side because, see, it’s the time of the month. Blame my hormones.

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