In a few days, I would already be a month-old in this job. I actually do not feel much pressure compared to being part of the web marketing analysts team in my previous job. This job is much more like being in the content department of that company I worked with previously. Yeah, that one with all the retrenchment drama.

One of the things that I do not like about this job I have right now though is the hours. I work from 9pm up until 6am and starting the night is very difficult for me. Sure, I may be a night person but I need sleep. I have a lot of trouble sleeping in the morning. If perhaps my room was air conditioned and light did not get inside, I would probably be able to sleep well. But that is not the case of my room. From sunrise until sunset, my room gets the most amount of light. There is no minute that sunlight does not stream through my windows. And yeah. It is stifling hot.

But I think I can do this. I have bought myself an eye mask which could probably help me sleep better in the morning. I just need to put in an air conditioning unit in my room. But it would mean lots of changes because my room is not designed for air conditioning. Argh. Oh what to do? What to do?

I have written about sleeping because I feel like I lack sleep. I am definitely sleepy right now. My friends say that my eyes are puffy already and I think they are right. I went to sleep at around 12 noon already. After work, a couple colleagues and I went to a friend’s boarding house and we ate some pancit there, watched some TV, and lazed around until 9 in the morning. After that, they went back to the office to take care of some things. I went to a shopping mall here to load up my G-Cash. (I also did buy a couple of shirts while I was there – they were on sale. How could I resist?) When I went home, my son was in the mood for some stories so I spent some time with him.

So there. That’s what happened to me today. And I think it’s gonna happen again come the 3rd of October for I would have to run some errands. Argh! It’s bye-bye sleep and hello puffy eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  1. get an air cooler instead. its portable, no need to make holes in your wall and consumes less electricity than a regular aircon. ;) just a suggestion.

  2. So much would that air cooler cost? I think I could start scouring for one. Hehe. Nice suggestion.

  3. Oh okay. Over at eBay, I saw units that were priced at around 5-6k. So I’ll be scouring for one over here. Maybe they’ll come cheaper.

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