We call him Lolo. That’s Filipino for grandfather. But we are not related to him in any way.

We don’t know how old he is. He’s just old. And he drives a tricycle.

When I go home each night, he’s always there, waiting for me. He does not complain about how much I pay him unlike other tricycle drivers in the area. Plus, he always makes sure that I am inside our gate and it has been locked pretty well before he goes ahead and drives off. Other drivers would just take your money from you and off they go.

A friend who knows Lolo says that Lolo has got children and they are all adults now. These children are already working abroad. So this means that Lolo does not have to work. But still, he wakes up really early in the morning and drives his tricycle.

We really feel comfortable each time we ride in Lolo’s tricycle. We just never thought that a tricycle driver like him could still exist.

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