When The Pruning Stops

A while ago, I had come to realize that I had been holding on to people who just do not seem to bring me up but instead only have been anchoring me down. I realized that I had held on to them as very important people in my life only to see that I was just another insignificant being in their world of games and cheap thrills. And with the wise words of a friend’s mom (who’s super duper cool, by the way), she told me that I should start pruning.

Indeed, pruning may hurt me at first because I have to deal with the pain and the anger and the disappointment but once I get over it, those branches where I pruned off those people will start to grow anew. They may not bear new people but I will become lighter. In case they do bear new people, I hope they come with positive new ones – people who will bear everything with me. Continue reading

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Missing You

I have been missing you for some time now. And it gets a lot worse each day. I thought I’d be over it by now but I guess not.

You know what? I miss talking to you. I have plenty of stories that I could not share with anybody else because the reaction would not be the same. I have even imagined just how you would laugh and comment when I tell you these stories that I have. Continue reading

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Two Years. At Least.

I was just going through old Facebook posts when I came across photos of us – happy times together. I also came across some posts I did. And when I checked the dates, I saw that such were posted years back. Two years at the very least. Wow. How time flies.

And now, it seems like everything is wrong. Well, it’s just me. As mentioned in a song, one-sided love broke the seesaw down. That’s it. It had all been a one-sided love affair. And an affair it had all been. Now, reality has come crashing down and everything was gone in a puff of smoke. Continue reading

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Excited No More

I used to be excited about so many things. I used to look forward to things. But now, I can no longer feel excitement. I just feel sad most of the time.

Right now, the only times I feel better is when I am with other people. If I am alone, it seems like I am missing out on things that I’m supposed to be a part of. I feel like I have a lot of things to prove. It feels like I need to do a lot of things even if there is nothing to do. Continue reading

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A Post For The New Year

I heard somewhere that it would be a good thing to start a collection of thoughts and ideas and experiences that made you happy. With the start of the new year, it would be best to actually start it during this time. That way, at the end of the year, you would be able to go back to those stuff and then read about what had made you happy during that time.

Indeed, it is a good idea. And it would mean that you would be thankful for the things that came to you during the year. I may start on this one. So far, I have yet to experience that kind of happiness that is worth writing about. Continue reading

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I am not frustrated with life. I love life and I love how much it brings me. However, right now, the one thing I am frustrated at is myself.

I honestly hate myself for being this person that I was not supposed to be. I have never been this way before. Well, I realized I am this person when I have really strong feelings for another person. And again, here I am. Hating  myself even more because I am back to where I have already moved on from. Continue reading

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