12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of Christmas

If Sky has his own wishlist for Christmas, I’d like to post my own wishlist during the start of the 12 days of Christmas. This way, you can give me anything on this list. It would definitely make me happy! :D
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Something Relevant

writing away

I have been racking my brains for something to write about here. It has been ages since I really wrote something worthwhile here. I was thinking about writing something that could help me organize my thought and maybe even organize my life. After all, writing has been therapeutic for me in the past – when writing was a pastime, not work; when writing came and went freely, not forced to come out because I need it. Continue reading

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Of PCs, Bangs, and Cordon Bleus

It’s the first of October and time seems to have flown by so fast. I checked and saw that the last entry I made was back in August 16th. So that was more than a month ago. Well, I guess I have been pretty busy with a lot of stuff that I have forgotten to actually update this blog.

Right now, what’s first on my list is how I was able to fix Red all by myself. Oh yes. I did it all by myself. Continue reading

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Well, Hello There, March.

You’re here. And yet I still feel like February is just beginning. You’ve come too soon. Or maybe I just had been hanging on February too hard.

So what happens this March? I honestly don’t know. I am pretty busy with stuff that I do not get to write here often. That is okay though as it helps me make 2011 far better than the latter portion of 2010. Continue reading

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Keys. And Other Stories.


I need keys. I need a copy of the keys to our house. I don’t know why my parents do not give me copies of the keys but I’m already 27. And I’m not getting any younger. I just need those keys. Continue reading

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