Kikomachine Komix Ni Manix

Kikomachine Komix Ni Manix

Kikomachine. Komix. Manix.

I knew about Kikomachine Komix back in college. In our school paper, the Philippine Collegian, the comics portion had strips and one was this.

Then I learned that he had his strips in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And when I chanced upon one, it was about the UP Fair and I found it amusing. Well because I understood the UP Fair.

Several months back, I saw that there were these Kikomachine Komix books available in the National Bookstore. I bought one and found it amusing. In fact, I felt like I was back in UP and was still a student. It’s about the characters and how they are portrayed. It’s about the settings of the strips. It’s also about the issues that are presented. It’s about the situations. Maybe that’s why I am reminded of UP.

Anyway, I already got his 5 books. I still haven’t got the 6th one.

Thanks Manix Abrera for sharing your craft. Rakenrol! :D

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