I’m It.

I’ve just been tagged and so I suppose I should answer this. Thanks to Jirl and Lyn who’ve decided that I was one of the lucky ones who should answer this meme.

And here is how the whole thing goes:

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

So okay. Here’s who I am:

  1. I am a person you can often find online. It’s like I feel like I’m missing some things when I am not online. I get excited when I see that somebody has sent me a YM. Or when I see some new comments on my blog. Or when I see an email from one of my friends. I know it’s weird but it’s something that makes me happy. I’ve even made friends online. But no. I’m not up for finding a special person online. Hehe.
  2. My friends are important to me. I do try hard to make sure that I help them when I can. If I will help you, that means that I am doing such because I like it. I do think that they have been given to me to teach me and to walk with me through this journey on earth. I believe I am not hard to be with that is why I hate it when some people try to take advantage of that.
  3. I have a son who is almost three years old. And I am quite proud of how he is growing up. Sure there may be times when he can be difficult to handle but still he is my precious child and I certainly do find happiness and contentment each time I see him. I am thankful much to my family who have supported me and my son and so being a single mom hasn’t been that difficult.
  4. I do not fall in love easily. And so I also do fall out with much difficulty. I know. I do not talk about stuff like this much but see, I’ve just been through some photos of Johnny Depp a couple of minutes ago and that was when I realized that I am still attracted to him. Haha. But just in case you’re wondering, I am not in love with my son’s father anymore nor am I in love with Atom Araullo. ‘Nuff said.
  5. I love working. Though some people may despise the fact that they need to work, I just love working. Well, of course, that depends on the kind of work that I do. Right now, I do love the industry that I am in and it has helped me buy much of what I need (and some whims on the side, too). I don’t think I can be a housewife – I just need to use my brain and work.
  6. Anthropology is one course that I would like to study. I’ve taken a number of Anthropology electives back in college and I have loved them. That is why I want to study this one. And yes, aside from that, I also want to study web design and web programming. Plus some foreign languages. Haha. I just love learning new things.
  7. I have dreamed of becoming a cook back when I was kid. Too bad, I still don’t know how to cook. I do know how to cook carbonara though. But what I have discovered about myself is that when I cook something, I don’t wanna touch whatever I cooked. Oh well.

Anyhow, those were the seven facts about me. Now it’s your turn. I’m choosing Dex, Jayme, Olops, Phoebe, Yona, Niki, and Art.

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2 thoughts on “I’m It.

  1. good thing you put this in item #4: “But just in case you’re wondering, I am not in love with my son’s father anymore nor am I in love with Atom Araullo. ‘Nuff
    said.”.. hehehehe… am sure my comment will be different in case it wasn’t THAT CLEAR.. hehehe…;)

  2. Haha. I just thought of writing that one Te Weng. And yeah. I really do know that you never did like that relationship back then after all that has happened. Haha. But still, at least I really did make it clear. I can be pretty vague at times. Let’s just say I’m inspired. Yun na lang. I was actually thinking that you may have some question in the end. Good thing you did not. :p

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