Hey You, Happy Anniversary!

first year anniversary of my Damon braces

June 2nd, 2008. That was when I got my braces. I can imagine all the pain that I felt that time. It was really not that painful but it was painful enough for me to be bothered by it. But looking at my teeth now, I am quite happy with all the effort and all the money I spent on it.

It has just been a year but it’s working great. I think so. I don’t know what other people think but I really think they are far better than they did a year ago. How my teeth looked a year ago and how they look now, well, you can just think of how the braces worked when I did not have any space for movement and I did not get any teeth pulled out. Thank you, Damon braces. Weee! :)

And then it has been almost a year when we became jobless. But the exact date happens in a few more weeks. Hehe.

Also, since I am already in the part where I am updating my blog, let me tell you that my blog’s been down for a couple of days because AJ had to transfer to a new hosting service. But yeah. Everything’s working fine now, thanks to him.

starting nursery school

And then there is also that story about my son starting school next week. Yeah, seems like yesterday that he was just a baby. Time does fly by so fast. I am excited to see him in his school uniform! :D

Dr. Addison Montgomery of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice

And then sometimes we have to do away with the past and think of the future. The future is what is important. But if you do know the exact quote that Addison Montgomery said in Private Practice, then please do share that with me. I like what she said. And having said that, there is this person who wants to come back in my life but this person ain’t doing a good job at doing so. So there. I’ll laugh all I want.

I am also moving on. That pit stop was absolutely one of the best that I’ve had but it’s just a pit stop and it’s time to start the engine running again. So there. Thank you. Today, I’ve decided that you were just a pit stop. But a wonderful pit stop at that. :D

Images from Peppers and Pollywogs, MSNBC, and BBC

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