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writing away

I have been racking my brains for something to write about here. It has been ages since I really wrote something worthwhile here. I was thinking about writing something that could help me organize my thought and maybe even organize my life. After all, writing has been therapeutic for me in the past – when writing was a pastime, not work; when writing came and went freely, not forced to come out because I need it. Continue reading

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Of PCs, Bangs, and Cordon Bleus

It’s the first of October and time seems to have flown by so fast. I checked and saw that the last entry I made was back in August 16th. So that was more than a month ago. Well, I guess I have been pretty busy with a lot of stuff that I have forgotten to actually update this blog.

Right now, what’s first on my list is how I was able to fix Red all by myself. Oh yes. I did it all by myself. Continue reading

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