Here In Manila. After Two Years.*

I have planned on creating a really detailed post on what I did in Manila. But after all that has happened, I don’t think I have that much power to do so. Anyway, here’s what I did when I was there:

  • Went to visit the Pasig office of a previous employer. Saw some friends there.
  • The day I arrived, I met up with Cess (a former housemate) because I will be staying with her. Had some coffee and went to the ‘new’ house (they changed houses the last time I was there). Then went to Pork Barrel. The videoke room we used there was the same one that Cess, Allan (another former housemate), and I were in two years ago celebrating my birthday.
  • After Pork Barrel, I learned how to cook pesto and they were drinking again at the rooftop of the ‘new’ house. Was up until around 6am. I did not drink any alcohol. Was busy drinking water and softdrinks the whole time.
  • Went to UP for some reminiscing. Chos! I was really surprised that there were already gates at every entrance and Cess said that the guards even ask for your ID if you want to go inside. Got myself a UP jacket. Hehe.
  • Met up with some high school classmates in Cubao. Then went to Denny’s house for some inuman.
  • Ate at KFC! Yeehaw! :)
  • Got myself a new alumni ID. I would have to ask the UPAA though about the payment because I paid for a lifetime membership fee and I got was an ID that lasted for a year. Will call them up soon (after the Ondoy thingie has passed much).
  • Experienced going through Manila flood in a taxi. Okay, this is the first time that I had experienced such a flood there. And I was inside a taxi going to the airport and water was already inside the taxi. Good thing I was able to reach the airport safely. I wondered what happened to manong driver.
  • Missed Sky’s birthday. Boohoo!
  • Flight got cancelled and I had to stay in the airport until my next flight. My flight was cancelled at around 2pm and my next flight was at 6am. So there.
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Reading is love.

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