What’s Up?

1. I want to take a dip somewhere. I want to go spend time in a pool. I need companions. Anybody wanna join? Your treat. Wehehe.

2. I watched The Sound of Music. Still moves me. And I also totally loved singing along with “How do you handle a problem like Maria…” and “These are a few of my favorite things…” Continue reading

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under lock and key
I should have put all my valuables under lock and key a long time ago.

A month ago, when I checked this container where I put all my 5-peso and 10-peso coins, I noticed that I had only around 2000php in there. I was really surprised because the last time I counted (which was back late last year), I had already 3500php. So let’s say four months after, the amount dwindles to almost half. Continue reading

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Somewhere Out There

itchy feet

Anywhere but here. I so want to travel. I don’t care if it is half the world away or just two towns away. As long as it is not here. As long as it does not involve the places I am constantly revolving in. I am just so bored with what I see and what I hear. I want to experience something different. Continue reading

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Burning Lady

burning woman
Is her story real?

Oh this one’s not about the temperature. Remember when I told you about that time I learned how to drive a motorcycle? And how I almost fell off? And how I was moving my way towards that street lamp? And how I was driving in a fairly spacious two-lane road, I was driving to the other side – from the right to the left? Continue reading

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A Little Too Not Over You

I may not be betting for him when he was a contestant in American Idol last season. But as an artist (and without having David Cook as competition), David Archuleta just shines. He really shines. And his songs are very catchy and are good to listen to.

This one’s A Little Too Not Over You and it’s quite a sad song. But it’s a good one. Continue reading

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One At A Time

I sometimes feel like I am going to drown. There are too many things happening. There are too many things I want to do. There are too many stuff that I need to work on. It is just plain too much at times. But I do know that I can handle everything. I just need to take things one at a time so that I will not be overwhelmed.

If I can just have a personal assistant who will tell me what I need to do now and to remind me of the things that I need to do. If that were only possible. But personal assistant or not, I can do this. I certainly will. Continue reading

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Pros And Cons Of Working At Home

It has already been over half a year since I have started working at home. I like doing it. But, of course, you cannot have everything. That is why there are advantages and disadvantages of working at home. You can do your freelance writing gigs and your SEO jobs at home and yet there are times when you still feel like you need an office.

advantages of working at home Continue reading

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