The Facebook Movie List

movie film

Well, one of the movie lists from Facebook though. I just wanted to call it that way. And I’m so tired right now from my online job that I decided to do the list – that or talk about my mood (I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend time reading that). So blame me if I’m tired and bored that I have been racking my brains for some topic and it’s been almost an hour of thinking. Thank you Facebook! Continue reading

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25 Random Things About Me

This has been going on for quite some time now and I have been tagged for the nth time. So I worked on my 25 random things. The rules are to write 25 random things about yourself and then tag several people who would do the same list. As always, I’m changing the rules. I do my list and if you’re reading this and you want to do the list, then consider yourself tagged, okay?

25 Continue reading

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Something New

I get distracted easily. And I also become tired of things faster than most people would.

This is the reason why I want something new. I am not sure what kind of new thing I would like to have. I just want it to be something that will be a total break from the monotony of life. Of course, I would want it to be something good. I guess I just had a break from the monotony but since it was not good (and it served as a reminder of this thing that I keep forgetting for the nth time) that’s something I am not welcoming.

Something new. Something different. I want it. It’s really hard for me to put everything down in words. I will not even attempt to because that will be just a futile attempt. And so if you could share with me something new (whatever it is) that I can do or what-have-you, please do so. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated as well. Continue reading

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Things Gone Wrong

when things go wrong

Have you ever had that kind of day when everything just does not go right for you? Well, of course, not entirely everything. But let’s just say a day when lots of things go wrong? I am sure you have had yours. Now, let me tell you what happened. Continue reading

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Everything Starts With “P”

letter P

I found this one pretty amusing. It has been going on over at Facebook for some time now. Well, it has been going around the Internet for an even longer time. But anyway, I’ve been tagged for the nth time today so I guess I should answer this one. Pardon to all those who have tagged me with the 25 Things About Myself but I’m still working on my list. So there. Continue reading

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UP Fair 2009 Schedule

Just like a few years ago, this year’s UP Fair is going to have 6 straight nights of music and fun. So what’s in store for the UP Fair this year? Well, I’ve got the schedule right here. By the way, UP Fair 2009′s theme is Fair Factor.

UP Fair 2009 Fair Factor Continue reading

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An Open Letter To All Search Engine Marketing Conference in Legazpi City Participants

Dear all,

It is a total shame that I was unable to join you for the Search Engine Marketing Conference that was held at the Aquinas University’s Daragang Magayon Hall here in Legazpi City. I know I was scheduled for a talk on Effective Copywriting on Friday afternoon but because of writhing pain in my abdomen (which I would spare you the details), I was unable to do so. That should’ve been my first time to speak to such a huge audience (well, much larger than the trainings and seminars I’ve done back with my ex-colleagues at US Auto Parts).

search engine marketing conference of aquinas universit of legazpi city Continue reading

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Ingredients For A Successful Poker Night

playing cards

Well, we actually did not play poker. Real poker, I mean. But we did play with cards. And we played Pusoy Dos and Tongits. We tried to do it the hustler way but we sure did not quite take on the rules. So we ended up with playing cards and just betting 25 centavos each round. Whoever wins, gets to take the money. But that was it. But nonetheless, it was fun. Continue reading

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