Fall Again

Have you watched Maid in Manhattan? I know it’s a really not a new one but it was a good one, right? A feel good movie, if you ask me.

Anyway, this afternoon, after arriving home from an afternoon out with my son, my nephew, and some cousins, I turned on the TV (something I don’t get to do that often) and decided to channel surf. And while going through the lot, I chanced upon what I first thought was a music video. But lo and behold, Maid in Manhattan was really showing. What caught my attention was the song being played – Fall Again – and this one was sang by Glenn Lewis. Continue reading

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Weekend Plans

It is already the weekend. And I have had my plans since yesterday. But I sure did not have that much time to write about those plans though.

I would have wanted to clean up my room. I am getting tired of how things that are not in use seem to end up here. Maybe it’s because they have gone accustomed to using my room as a storage room back when I was in college. And now, there are some things that I could not just move to another location just because. I would really want to clean up my entire room which also doubles as my office. Continue reading

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To Tiya*

I didn’t know her name. We didn’t know her name. But it felt like we really knew her.

She was this sweet woman who would instantly entertain us when we arrived at where she worked. At first I even thought that she was the owner of that canteen. It was not like she owned the place and showed everyone so. It was in such a way that when we would arrive, she would welcome us. She was just that. She was sincere.

We all did not know that she was sick. We just did our usual thing. Come to that canteen, eat our favorite batchoy, smoke some ciggies, share stories, and then leave. Oh. We did not forget to pay our bill though. And during all those days that we would come and go, she was just there. Waiting to serve us. Waiting to cook whatever we would order. Continue reading

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Happiness = Friends

And I’m talking about two things here. One is the friends that we have who brings much happiness to you. And one is Friends, the TV series which is totally rad. But yeah, I’m focusing more on the Friends sitcom deal. :p

Friends - Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani Continue reading

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Weekend Wonders

Two days. For some, two days is too long. For others, it can be too short. I belong to the latter. Two days rest is just not enough. I need like three to allow me to do all the stuff that I need to do so I can be prepared for yet another week of working it out in the graveyard shift that starts at 11pm up until 8am. Yeah. I now miss the 9pm to 6am shift.

Anyway, working during weekdays is not the only thing I do. I also do attend to other responsibilities and that includes spending time with my son and also working on my freelance writing projects. Of course, I do need to give time to my freelance duties or else I don’t have the moolah I would need for various things. Yeah. I am a person with an expensive lifestyle, if you would like to call me that. Continue reading

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