Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Update

I remember last year. The week during my birthday. I was in Manila. And my former college housemates, Cess and Allan, were back for some days of bonding. And I was supposed to take the bus back to Legazpi on the 11th but they told me not to. Not that they were being bad influences. They were just telling me that I should stay for just another day because Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix was going to be shown the following day. And so I decided to stay. Well, we all are Harry Potter fans – both the books and the movies. But see, we are not those fanatic fans. We are more of the kind of fans who would like to know what happens to Harry and we like to see if what we read are somewhat near what we see when made into a movie.

So there. Continue reading

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I’m It.

I’ve just been tagged and so I suppose I should answer this. Thanks to Jirl and Lyn who’ve decided that I was one of the lucky ones who should answer this meme.

And here is how the whole thing goes: Continue reading

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In The Mood For Vanity

It is not everyday that I do think of how I look to people. I don’t spend time going in front of the mirror like most girls. I don’t even use makeup – not even powder. I only dab on some lipstick if I feel like my lips are too dry or if it needs just a little amount of color.

My friends have been encouraging me to use makeup. They believe that I am beautiful. It’s just that I don’t spend much time fixing myself up. See, for me, what is important is that I am presentable. I will always choose comfort over appearance. Sure I can look better with makeup on, but I’d rather not because I don’t want to go through the whole hassle of removing makeup. Don’t get me wrong. I do wash my face. But washing a face with makeup can be tiring. Continue reading

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You Don’t Mess With The Zohan On Prom Night

Since watching the trailer of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan some months back, I had thought that it was something that was really worth watching. So when I saw last Sunday that this movie was going to be shown in the cinemas here in Legazpi City this week, I told myself that I won’t let this one pass me by. And so my friends and I trooped to this movie theater here and had a go with it.

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Thirty Minutes More (And Some Things On Earthquakes)

This is the last thirty minutes before I can actually stand up from this work station and head off to home. It’s not that I am complaining. But I am simply having quite some trouble with the hours. Though the graveyard shift makes the whole deal seem faster, the thing is that, I still do need to sleep at night. I could sleep during my shift if I wanted to but I choose not to. So instead I’m trying to keep my eyes open and just wait for the last thirty minutes to pass by.

Oh yeah. Just so I could use up more space here, let me tell you about the earthquakes which have been happening here in Legazpi City. Well, not only here in Legazpi but in the most part of Albay. The first one happened last week, Friday at around 6:30pm. Now that one was felt even in Barcelona, Sorsogon which is around two to three hours away from here. Continue reading

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Night Slave

From 9pm up until 6am, I am working. This is now my regular work schedule. I have just started work today and I think I can do it. Well, right now, I am battling the urge to sleep. Not that I cannot really sleep but because I think if I do sleep, I might wake up at 12noon and people have already left. That would not be something pleasant. So I’m here working instead.

Although I do despise working the graveyard shift, I’d rather have this kind of shift rather than not have any regular job at all. I am now working on the SEO part of this site we’ve been given with Leonel. At least, I get to practice my SEO skills well. I do know that this is some kind of a challenge for me. In fact, I am totally lost on what to do. Well, not really that lost for I have had some SEO projects already but still, this is a different from what I’m used to. I am still accepting freelance writing gigs and freelance SEO duties though. Whatever I’ll be receiving here would certainly help me pay my debts (read: braces) and support my son. I do know though that doing freelance jobs may bring in the cash but that would not be something that I can really rely on for life. Well, unless you’re really somebody in the SEO industry. And that is something I am not. Continue reading

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What The F-ck Have You Learned Lately?*

I have learned some new things today. And that is something that I really like. After all, I really do think that I have this thirst to gather new information and learn about new things. It’s not that I want to be a know-it-all but it’s just that I like to know about things. It’s better that you know than not knowing, right?

Anyway, I just did get only a couple of hours of sleep last night. Well, technically, I didn’t get any sleep last night because I went to sleep when the sun has already risen this morning. So there. With that, I was quite groggy and really sleepy. Continue reading

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I Heart Photography

That is one of my passions. I honestly love taking photographs and capturing memories. I have definitely been that happy when I was able to purchase a Canon digital camera with the pay I received from my freelance writing gigs. But my heart died a little when it started to go bonkers.

That is also one of the reasons why I decided to start tinkering with my photo blog. It’s been a while since I have said goodbye to my camera but there are tons of wonderful pictures worth sharing with people. See, I really do love photographs because they do capture some of the most memorable experiences you have ever had. And when you start to forget, you can always take them out and reminisce all those times that the camera has captured in just one snap. Continue reading

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I was scheduled for an interview tonight for an SEO job at 9pm. Of course, I wanted that kind of work for I wanted to learn more and be able to hone my craft as well. Sure thing, that would be added income to the pay that I get from doing freelance writing and some freelance SEO.

When I got to the office, my friends told me that the person who was supposed to interview me came at around 10pm to around 12am. So I was willing to wait. But what was troubling me was how I could go home when I know that by 11pm, the gates are already locked. Of course, there was a solution to that but I’d rather go home before the gates closed. I wouldn’t want to hear any kind of scolding from my parents. Continue reading

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